Apparition @ Gargoyles Statuary

We are very pleased to present : APPARITION~ Art by Kook Teflon & Aaron Campbell
*paintings, images, masks, sculptures, and more!*

Art inspired by Apparitions

“Things that are not real/things that are caused by hallucinations or mental instability.
An amomalous, quasi-perceptual experience.
The disembodied spirit or soul of a deceased person.

A period of consecutive days or nights when a particular celestial body may be observed. An apparition begins with the heliacal rising of the body and ends with its helical setting.” 

An extraordinary evening of ghostly exploration and a glimpse into the afterworld!!! Please join us for the artist reception 6-9pm, the show will run thru October 16th!!!

Categories: UncategorizedPublished On: September 15, 2017