Gargoyles StatuaryThe Haunted Realm


Art by Jo Estey, Craig Luckenbach, Lis Wright Ivec, Braden Duncan, Morbid Hearts Design, Dani Wilson and Ryan Allred

Image at left: “Vampire” by Jo Estey
​(Image description: painting with bat in a purple dress in the center, in a coffin shape, with a gray background.

​To buy art in this exhibit, call or email 206-632-4940 |
(not for purchase through the email)36

Cafe Allegro: Drawings by Leo Munoz


​(Image description: Left side- red butterflies top left, middle left crosses atop half of a white skull, below that a green shape and a red-brown brick wall. Right side: blue sky above green grass, a blue eye, black eye brow and brown skin, sticks with budding leaves, a red heart (anatomical not a heart symbol) on a black background. The center of the painting with the half skull half face roughly looks like a person ‘s head. Signed in the bottom right corner.)

Danaca Design: STATE | meant


STATE│meant is a show of Significant and Powerful Jewelry. The statements come in the form of necklaces, brooches, bracelets…there is even a tiara. Our jurors, moved by the eloquence of the submitting artists, selected work for both its strength in messaging through design and the clarity of their written statements.  This is a fundraiser. A minimum of 50% of proceeds from each sale will be donated to the organization of the artist’s choosing and there are many! Help us help them by spreading the word. Tune in to @danacadesignstudio on Instagram for multiple postings daily and to vote, beginning Monday, October 19, for best in show. We will announce the winner on November 4, 2020! 
For details about everything going on in the studio visit 

(Image above: photo of a silver necklace with 15 female symbols – a circle with a square cross under the circle).

Cafe Solstice

See a new exhibit featuring art by:
Jim Nichols
Dan Mantello
Cory Higgins
Maeve Boon
Grace Barar
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