March Art Show: A Parliament of Owls

Nocturnal hunters, messengers, bringers of wisdom and harbingers of ill-omen, these mysterious & beautiful “Strigiformes” always capture our attention while under their ever-watchful gaze. Join us in welcoming artists Char Hall, Laura Zakroff, Lis Wright‑Ivec, Ryan Allred, Heidi Estey, Braden Duncan, Dani Wilson, McKenna Mead, Lily Munn, Rick Bass, Megan Wyreweden & Jeffrey Shaw as they share their mystic interpretations & visions of the legendary owl. Original paintings, drawings, prints and cards will be available showcasing these prophetic and enigmatic birds. Artist Reception Friday, March 15th, 6:00‑9:00 pm. Show runs thru April 17th, 2019. 4550 University Way N.E.


The UHeights Artist Collective has an ongoing gallery of works on daily display throughout the halls of this gorgeous old historic building, open for all to visit at any time. The Collective also hosts a monthly gathering to bring together our artistic community! From visual artists and artisans, jewelry makers and clothing creators, to performers in dance, music, and poetry, we celebrate what our community has to offer. The Art Hub is a place to come to gather and meet the artists, learn about their work and buy directly from them, as well as take a lesson or two in technique for fun or skill building. Overall, Art Hub is a gathering of people and friends who support Art, Artists, and Community. 5031 University Way NE.


Work by artist Mollie Bryan, a PNW native and curator of Lusio: A Night to Awaken. She arts under the name of MOKEDO 5828 Roosevelt Way NE.
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