Gargoyles Statuary“Goddess” 

​June 19th 6-9 p.m. in store viewing & online, video on Facebook & on Instagram.Join us to celebrate the eve of the Summer Solstice as we honor the Divine Feminine with our annual show, “Goddess.” Now more than ever we need Goddess energy in our world for healing, protection, wisdom, and empowerment. We hope to inspire these attributes with the beautiful renderings of Goddesses from around the world painted by some of our favorite artists. 

​This year we are featuring Lis Wright Ivec, Josephine Heidi Estey, Lisa Noble, Braden Duncan, Ryan Allred and Keith Waters with original art, prints, & cards that will be available in person or online. Due to the relaxing of the COVID-19 distancing rules, we can now have people view the show but on a much smaller scale than usual.

We do have guidelines if you do wish to attend the opening night.
   1) If you feel unwell please stay home & view online.
  2) Please wear a mask.
  3) Keep 6 ft. away from others.
  4) 15 -20 minute time limit in the Shoppe.

​We will diligently clean shared public surfaces after each visitor & will be allowing up to 6-8 people in the Shoppe at a time.

For those who wish to view online I will post a video on Instagram & Facebook with artist cameos around 7:30pm ~ and will have art available on the website. We are so happy to be able to have this show even if it’s on a small scale this year. Happy Summer Solstice to all!

With much love, respect, and gratitude ~ Thank you!!! Show runs thru July 16th 

Please stay safe and wash your hands ~we will all make it thru!!!

To buy, call or email 206-632-4940 | Gargayle@gargoylestatuary.com
(not for purchase through the email)

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