Gargoyles Statuary
Divine Council
art by Lis Wright Ivec 
Angelic lore and angel imagery is found all over the globe all the while inspiring, guiding and protecting those with a connection as they move thru the trials and tribulations of life. Lis captures the divine & esoteric emanations of these etheric beings. We are pleased to bring in the new year with Lis’s beautiful and enlightening new paintings.
Gargoyles will be posting a video of the new work on Friday, Jan 15 around 7 pm and will be open for viewing 12-7pm that day. The artwork will also be available on our website www.gargoylestatuary.com

To buy art in this exhibit, call or email 206-632-4940 
Gargayle@gargoylestatuary.com (not for purchase through the email)


Cafe Allegro 
Art by Nick Shiflet

Nick Shiflet is showing ink drawings of hikes in the Cascades, black and white self portraits, and prints of 3D graphics.

Image description: ink drawing of mountains and trees with words “Spray Park” written over the sky.


Danaca Design 
Online Jewelry Gallery

Last spring Danaca Design had to close the beautiful storefront gallery and moved it all online! Now nearly the entire selection of handmade jewelry is available via the website www.danacadesign.com ​.

Want to try something for fit or just get a closer look for a special gift? Email to schedule an appointment, dana@danacadesign.com.  Or message through Instagram but email is better.

For details about everything going on in the studio visit www.danacadesign.com 

Image above: illustration of a white “Lucky Cat” with a yellow circle pendant the number 17. The cat is next to the Danaca Design shop. Backgrounds is a light blue sky with small white clouds. Top line says Danaca Design. Text to right of shop says Shop Online or by appointment, www.danacadesign.com.

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