Frequency Asked Questions

There is no cost to become a host. A grant from U District Partnership funded the U District Art Walk website development.

Unlike other larger Art Walks, U District hosts are not charged a monthly fee for managing the U District Art Walk website.

The volunteers who update the website rely on hosts to actively participate, providing information about their art display.

The Art Walk works best when the hosts are open during the traditional art walk hours.

We know some hosts do not have the time or staff to support being open during those hours. We try to identify those hosts that are open during those traditional art walk hours to manage visitor expectations.

This website is more than just about 3 hours on the third Friday of every month but a resource to view local art during normal business hours the rest of the month at times that work better for the art enthusiast.

To submit images and or content, use our upload form located on this page under the Upload tab.

Yes! Most of our owners/managers are super busy. Once your business is registered use our contact form to let us know your artist or designated person is approved to upload art.  Then send your artist or designated person to the Hosts Login link at the bottom of the website. They can use the Upload form to submit the feature image and content.  Once we make the update we will send the submitter a request for review.

If you have any questions, please click on the Contact tab and submit your question(s). Expect a prompt response.

If you have any questions, please click on the Contact tab. Expect a prompt response.