Frequency Asked Questions

Hosts are essential to the success of the U District Art Walk.  They provide a physical location to help promote the work of local artists and add a positive, creative culture to the “Ave”.

If you want to be an Art Walk host, start the process by clicking the Register tab.

Art Walk Host Registration

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U District Art Walk Website List Information

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In the event you do not have a web site you can optionally use a social media address.
Provide addresses to your social media pages and or shopping cart that you would like listed. One address per line. If you have your own subscriber list please provide a link to that subscription page or anchor.


Accepted file types: pdf, psd, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, Max. file size: 6 MB.
Accepted file types: pdf, psd, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, Max. file size: 6 MB.


Please let us know if you need help with imagery or any other issues.

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Steps to upload your monthly event for the Art Walk:

  1. Plan to have your event info and featured image ready to upload before the Monday before the Art Walk. We email our mailing list Monday morning so folks can plan to attend the upcoming Art Walk.
  2. Use the following form to provide us with your theme and/or featured artist(s), description,  and featured image.
  3. We will let you know when your content has been loaded so you can review it for accuracy.
  4. If you need to make changes after submitting your content, use our contact form.
Title - If you are the artist and the host, it is preferred to come up with a theme. The theme could simply be a few keywords to describe your presentation.
Event description - Describe the artist(s) and or theme of your event. Be creative to attract attention to the experience you and your artists provide. Use this opportunity to tell a story that will attract visitors to your location. You may also want to weave into the story about the connection to your business.
Special Event - Describe any special activity you plan to share. Examples: Music, poetry, spoken word or an artist ”pop up” or some form of art in action.
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Accepted file types: pdf, psd, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, Max. file size: 6 MB.
If your business is not open during the Art Walk hours between 5-7pm just show your normal business hours the displayed art can be viewed by the public. If your hours are the same as last month just enter "Same".
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How much does it cost to be a host?

There is no cost to become a host. A grant from U District Partnership funded the U District Art Walk website development.

Unlike other larger Art Walks, U District hosts are not charged a monthly fee to update their listings.

The volunteers who update the website rely on hosts to actively participate, providing content and imagery related to their latest art displays.

Does my business need to open during the normal art walk hours 5pm - 8pm?

The Art Walk works best when the hosts are open during the traditional art walk hours but we know some hosts do not have the time or staff to support being open during those hours.

We try to identify those hosts that are open during those traditional art walk hours on our home page to manage visitor expectations.

This website is more than just about 3 hours on the third Friday of every month but a resource to view local art during normal business hours the rest of the month at times that work better for the art enthusiast.

How do I submit images and media content for my business?

To submit images and or content, use our upload form located on this page under the Upload tab.

Can I have my artist or designee submit my monthly featured image and content?

Yes! Most of our owners/managers are super busy. Once your business is registered use our contact form to let us know who your artist or designated person is.  Then send your artist or designated person to the Hosts Page link at the bottom of the website. They can use the Upload form to submit the feature image and content.  Once we make the update, we will send the submitter a request for review.

Questions? Please click on the Contact tab and submit your question(s).