This month Gargoyles Statuary presents “Monster Blossom” ~ a celebration honoring spring, renewal, and nature & her creatures. Local artists Dani Wilson, Braden Duncan, Jo Estey, Lis Wright Ivec, Fish Jones, Rebecca Shelton, Morbid Hearts Design & Adrian Ibarra will be presenting their connections to the iconic Sakura (cherry tree) blossoms that bloom so fast then disappear just as quickly symbolic of the transience of time itself. Visit the show virtually or in person to feel the renewal and inspiration of Sakura blossoms! And yes there will be monsters & creatures too~ could not have a show without them!!!

Look for information about the paintings, short videos, answer questions, etc. – on social media throughout the month that the exhibition is on display, 3/19/2021 – 4/15/2021.

Categories: Gargoyles StatuaryPublished On: March 18, 2021