Gargoyles Statuary
Mad Love
New works by Jo Estey, Lis Wright Ivec, Braden Duncan, Fish Jones, Eyona Bella, Rebecca Shelton, Isabel Tracy, Cassandra Gibbs, Keith Waters & Morbid Hearts Design all creating their versions of Mad Love~ bizarre, serious, spooky, beautiful, dark, luscious, flirty ….the myriad faces of love!!!Hopefully we will be able to host receptions again soon but for now we are so honored to still connect and show new works by these amazing local artists.
Video will be posted at 7:00pm ~ all work will also be available on our website www.gargoylestatuary.com
We hope you will enjoy!
We will also continue to post content from the show – information about the paintings, short videos, answer questions, etc. – on social media throughout the month that the exhibition is on display, 2/19/2021 – 3/18/2021.
Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the show. We hope you will enjoy it!
Show runs thru March 18th.
Image shown, Mushroom Heart, by Jo Estey.

Cafe Allegro 
Art by Nick Shiflet
Artist’s description of black and white art work: “Digital art/design. 3D data/information rearranged and constrained to 2 dimensional space.”

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