Gargoyles Statuary
Dark Winter’s Night

art by Braden Duncan, Jo Estey, Lis Wright Ivec & Fish Jones

Annual show honoring the winter solstice~ the longest night of the year & return of the sun thru art. Most of the art available on the Gargoyle Statuary website:…/local-art-for-sale/

Watch a video of the exhibit here:

Image above: a wall with 18 small framed paintings.
Under the paintings is a table with numerous pillar candles in red, white, green and black.

To buy art in this exhibit, call or email 206-632-4940 (not for purchase through the email)

Cafe Allegro 
Paintings by Danielle Mapes


Danielle Mapes is native to Denver, Colorado and works and resides in Seattle, Washington. She has studied sculpture at Metropolitan University of Denver in Colorado and ceramics at Shoreline Community College in Washington. In addition to sculpture, painting, and mixed media, she has been featured in multiple collaborative performances and installations over the last decade. She currently works as a member of Push/Pull, a non-profit cooperative gallery in Ballard, Seattle.

Image description of two paintings. Painting on left, a figure stands in the center of a landscape with a dark sky.  The figure appears to have long hair and wears a cape with blue and white stripes and a wrapped skirt. Light circle above the figure and a a triangle of light below the figure. Painting on right, a green snake in the center of a landscape with dark foreground and a fiery background.

Cafe Solstice
Paintings by  Jim Nichols


Image description: a landscape with a light gray background and a dark gray-black foreground. In the foreground there is an open box atop six white legs. The box resembles. a house on very high stilts. The box is open on one side and illuminated. The left side of the box has a door that appears to open to the outside.

Danaca Design 
Online Jewelry Gallery


Last spring Danaca Design had to close the beautiful storefront gallery and moved it all online! Now nearly the entire selection of handmade jewelry is available via the website ​.

For details about everything going on in the studio visit

Image above: illustration of a white “Lucky Cat” with a yellow circle pendant the number 17. The cat is next to the Danaca Design shop. Backgrounds is a light blue sky with small white clouds. Top line says Danaca Design. Text to right of shop says Shop Online or by appointment,

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