“Marvels of the Muse” @ Gargoyles

Join us as Jeff Shaw presents his new unique images of mythology, literary classics, and fantasy. Originals, prints on metal, matted giclee prints, and high detail sculptures will be available.
Wine, cheese, and other goodies will be served!
Don’t miss the March Hare!!!


Richard Lemmert @ Flying Owl Skull Studio

The Art of Richard Lemmert
Paintings, Sculpture and Ephemera


Bruce Benson & Enrique Patiño @ University Business Center

Bruce Benson and Enrique Patiño met in the field photographing birds. Their appreciation of nature and love of photography brought them together to spend many hours in the field. Bruce is a retired PE teacher and professional soccer coach who has traveled extensively to photograph all types of wildlife over the last decade. He has chosen a selection of some of his favorite images for this show.

Enrique, a biologist at heart and by profession, has just begun to travel and photograph within the last few years. In some of his work, Enrique is going for a watercolor style while staying true to the bird and its environment. Once or twice a week, especially during bird migrations and nesting time, the sunrise will find Bruce and Enrique at their destination where they work at capturing telling images of birds and wildlife in their environment.

All images are for sale at a bargain price. Framed images will be displayed for a month. Matted images will be immediately available on opening night.


“2nd Annual 100 Show” @ BC Surf + Sport

100 artists, $10 art! 3rd Friday Artwalk University District.


Maurisa Breton @ Aprie

Maurisa Breton was born in Niagara Falls, Canada, raised in Buffalo NY, but spent most of her youth and young adulthood in Seattle. She graduated with a BFA from Portland State University, and then finally found her way back to Seattle, the town that felt most like home to her.

Through acrylic and paper on canvas Maurisa Breton’s work seeks to capture internal microcosms of temporary, but all consuming moments of emotion or thought. And although harshly introspective the expounding force is ultimately derived from the macrocosm of environmental factors of a moment in time of which she has been subject, participant, or voyeur too.

Adream de Valdivia @ Moksha

“Seattle artist Adream de Valdivia began painting for its obvious purpose- to record his dreams, thoughts, and ideas. What he enjoys about paint is that it can be spread thin to create depth and applied thick to create a texture.”

“Communicating is a crucial yet constant struggle for me. The more I painted, I realized that I was returning to my child hood because I was painting Religious icons, the kind of images I grew up seeing on candles and stained glass. My realization of these new paintings made up of bright paint, dots, and patterns on canvas was return to my youth.”

We’ll have music, drinks and snacks.

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