“Xylographic Menagerie” @ Gargoyles

Please join us in welcoming Liv Rainey-Smith, from Portland Oregon!!! We will be featuring her newest collection of original woodcut prints featuring the Beasts of “Arcanum Bestiarum” a new book by Robert Fitzgerald, and a trunk show of other goodies by Liv!!! We will also have many of her other H.P. Lovecraft inspired designs. We are very excited to host this amazing and talented esoteric artist.


Gabriela Ayala-Cañizares & Aubrey Jenkins @ University Business Center

Gabriela Ayala-Cañizares grew up in Redmond, Washington. She graduated from Cornish College of The Arts in Seattle, Washington in May of 2013. She works with various mediums and enjoys combing what is seen as craft material into her art.  Her influences come from many places. Growing up in a Colombian family has always highly formed her identity to the world. Along with culture, another main influence has come from a long-term custom. Gabriela has practiced yoga since she was nine years old and believes that the practice of yoga is directly translated to how we live our lives. In all, the core to her art work is stemmed in the observation of personal growth and spiritual development.  She has recently been making life size wood block prints of yoga poses that are hand pressed into fabric. Her work actualizes into form the sensation of yoga and the progress of spirituality through a long-term yogic practice. In her life, its purpose and effects have always shifted and rippled into what was needed at that moment. She has gathered all these experiences into one visual practice. In this visual practice, she is reflecting the body, the mind, and the effects of dissipating identification with these parts of our selves.

Aubrey Jenkins has been photographing her travels since the age of sixteen. The photographs displayed here span from Quebec, across Europe, Egypt and Turkey. At home in Seattle, Aubrey combines her passion for cooking with her creative eye to photograph ingredients and dishes for her food blog. Outside of her blog, this is Aubrey’s first public showing of her photography. Aubrey is constantly in motion – teaching yoga, climbing boulders, commuting everywhere by bicycle and running gracefully around in circles as a fine dining server. Sitting down for a meal with friends and loved ones is understandably her favorite part of any day. Visit her food blog at www.drumbeets.com


Stee: Sweet Mafia @ BC Surf + Sport

Art show Friday night from 5-9pm! Featuring a new video @ 8pm!


Sophie @ Starbucks

Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City to poet parents, Nguyen Ly Phuong Ngoc (“Sophie”) has long encountered life with a certain element of creativity. 

“During my fourth winter of university, I travelled with my classmates to the suburbs of Hanoi to an old village called Cự Đà. The cool and humid air of winter in northern Vietnam always creates a magical feeling. Blue smoke emitting out of kitchen chimneys, the toiling of black-toothed and white-haired old lady street vendors that I can never forget. The roads in the village were so narrow, still made with the same red bricks lain during the French colonial era. Homes made of solid beehive-style bricks were still preserved after decades of bombs, rain, and sun. I imagined those “good old days” of my parents, and their parents as the scenery and I began a slow and steady romance. Enjoy.”

“One and Done” @ MOKSHA

A considered and cohesive collection of artists, illustrators and photographers curated by Jay Clark. One piece from each artist and that’s it. Opening night Friday June 21st at 8 p.m-11 p.m

Featuring work by:
Adam Rossiter, Aighty, Andrew Griffin , Baso Fibonacci, Brian Sanchez, Dimesy, Gregory Q. Young , J. D. Banke, Jake Ricker, Jay Clark , Jazz Wilton, Jesse Brown, Justin Phillips , Kelly-O, Kyle Johnson , Kyler Martz, Matthew Hollister, Mike Wagner, Nick Sethi, Skip Class, Todd Lown, Uncle Milkface, Yung Lenox, Zach Rockstad

Exhibit runs through July 18th, 2013

Project Primates @ Chaco Canyon

An exhibit of photographs by Project Primates, an organization that operates a Chimpanzee sanctuary in Guinea.

J.J. Zuppa @ Boulevard Grocery

Boulevard Grocery presents:
The art of J. J. Zuppa!

Boulevard Grocery is continuing its coffee bag project, a collaboration between Boulevard Grocery and local artists. Each 1-pound bag sells for $21 with a cut going to the artist, the store, and a charity.

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