“Corbeau Nouveau  @ Gargoyles Statuary

Gargoyles Statuary presents:

The Art of Braden Duncan & Jeffrey Shaw. A smattering of black birds, black cats, mythological creatures and vintage spirits… Please join us!

Ladies Night featuring Rhodora Jacob @ BC Surf + Sport

Saturday March 14th we’ll be hosting a ladies night. There will be a huge sale on clothing, free champagne, raffles, and spectacular artwork from local artist Rhodora Jacob. Starts at 5pm and goes until 8pm. See you there!

Stephanie Morgan @ University Business Center

Linocut Prints & Watercolours

Stephanie has explored art her whole life and currently enjoys the basic mediums of paper, pen, ink and watercolor.

She loves the unpredictability, freedom of expression and immediacy of printmaking, and the beauty and fluidity that watercolor affords.

While Stephanie is largely self-taught, she worked as a graphic artist for several years. Much of her professional career has been dedicated to social justice and working with disadvantaged/homeless populations (as a healthcare provider) and this has impacted her artwork.

 “I draw and paint subjects that are interesting to me, appeal to a positive memory or emotion, and in which I find beauty. If the joy I get in making the art is transferred to the observer in some way, and that makes me happy.” ~ Stephanie Morgan
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