“Goddess” @ Gargoyles

Please join us on Midsummer’s Eve for a gathering of amazing Northwest artists celebrating the Divine Feminine!!!

Braden Duncan, Heidi Estey, Keith Amarak, Laura Tempest Owlkeyme, Lis Wright Ivec, Lisa Noble, Maxine Miller, Merlyn Ahern, Monica Miklova, and Valerie Herron will bring us images of inspiration & mythos…

The artists will be presenting original paintings, sculpture, prints, cards and specialty items. The show will run until July 14th. Wine and cheese along with other goodies will be served!

A great way to greet the Solstice!


Poul Costinsky @ Cafe Allegro

Our walls are filled with cats, beautiful cats by Poul Costinsky. Additional work can be found at www.polyrealism.com.

Courtney Harris @ Lucid Gallery

“La Buga: Livingston Guatemala”, new visual works by Courtney Harris. Vibrant acrylic paintings inspired by Livingston, Guatemala. Called La Buga (Garifuna for “the mouth”) by locals, Livingston is a small fishing village nestled on the Eastern coast of Guatemala, at the mouth of the Río Dulce Gorge. Founded by Garifuna people in 1795, the town now hosts a fascinating mix of Afro-Caribbean, Ladino, and Mayan culture unlike any other part of Guatemala. The Garifuna are descendants of African slaves shipwrecked on the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent during the 17th century. Accessible only by boat and containing no more than a handful of automobiles, its relative isolation has allowed Livingston to remain largely untouched by outside influences.

Courtney Harris is a visual artist based in Seattle, Washington. She specializes in creating bold, vibrant, expressive acrylic paintings. Her work is typically inspired by daily life–people, places, and experiences that have moved her. Stylistically, her work incorporates elements of commercial art, advertising, street art, and graffiti.


“Along the Way” @ Moksha

Featuring new collaborative work by Carlos Aguilar & Ksra

Opening reception:
Friday, 20 June


“Group Show” @ BC Surf + Sport

Gregory Young, Joseph McSween, Quincy Quigg & PARS


Sharon Sanborn & Stephen Gilbert @ University Business Center

“Favorite Paintings”

Sharon Sanborn is a visual artist, art therapist, and relationship coach who works in acrylics, watercolor, collage, photo and video. In this show she explores the relationships between things, between colors, shapes, people, different medias and textures, and more. She is drawn to both representational and abstract ideas, and the paintings show both aspects of her work. 

Stephen Gilbert’s most recent work is large abstract painting. His exploration of mystical landscapes is intriguing, as one can see the intentional mark making and repetitive pattern withing a linear context. 

Please join us for an Artist’s Reception, to celebrate their interesting and intriguing work.

Dan Gardea @ Deep Roots Tattoo

Hosting the fabulous art of Dan Gardea
Refreshments and h’ordeuvres available.

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