“Skateboard Deck Show” @ BC Surf & Sport

Benjamin Bowlin, David Spridgen, Jesse Brown, Jmus, John Irwin, Kyle Maynerd, Madeline Franks, Mat Savage, Michael C. Hsiung, Narboo, Patrick Duffy de Armas, Quincy Quigg, Todd Lown

BC Surf & Sport presents:
A Skateboard Deck Artshow!


Jim Catechi @ Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee presents Jim Catechi!

The light in the Southwest was first brought to my attention by my grandfather, Gene Hurwitt, in the late 1970s. “Go east, young man, if you are interested in photographing in the most amazing light in the world,” he advised me. It only took 30 years, but I finally packed up the gear and headed to Utah and Arizona to capture what I had only been imagining. My trip took me to Zion, Bryce, Arches, and Grand Canyon national parks, as well as Antelope Canyon and other destinations.

Art by ‘E’ @ Boulevard Grocery

Boulevard Grocery is continuing its coffee bag project, a collaboration between Boulevard Grocery and local artists. Each 1-pound bag sells for $21 with a cut going to the artist, the store, and a charity.

We will be presenting art by “Art by E” (a.k.a. Eric Osborne) and cooking up grilled chocolate sandwiches!! Also there will be drink coupons for people who bring bags of food for our University District Food Bank FOOD DRIVE!

Pam Munn @ Chaco Canyon Cafe

Chaco Canyon presents the acrylic paintings of Pan Munn.

Nancy Cary @ Artist & Craftsman

We are proud to feature Nancy Cary all month long.  She is an oil painter from the other side of the mountains.  This is her second show at Artist & Craftsman Supply and are eager to see what she has done with her painting knives.


Sara Lanzillotta “Devout Dolls” @ Gargoyles

We are featuring Sara Lanzillotta (Devout Dolls): The Addams Family: A Tribute in Soft Sculpture

Beautiful & bizarre interpretations of our favourite family!!!

Wine & cheese and live music by Celadon!


Kari Westphal @ Daisy Sky Studio

Daisy Sky studios presents:
“Celebrating the Garden!”

“I create original paintings using encaustic (wax, resin & pigments) and acrylic paints.This month I will highlight our skies and waters! Hope you can come by and say hello.


Ann Hagler @ University Business Center

The University Business Center is pleased to present a show of acrylic paintings by Ann Hagler.

“I find it interesting that every kid on the planet goes through a picture making phase, but only a percentage of them continue the practice into adulthood. Making pictures remains my preferred form of communication and entertainment. My artwork is generally based on commonplace scenarios, and determined by what catches my interest at the time, my environment, or a dominant event happening in my life.  Working on an image helps me understand the subject by focusing in on the details in trying to replicate it.

I am interested most of all in the decision making process of painting, how each work evolves and initiates ideas for the next painting; discovering pleasing combinations or techniques, and best of all, lucky accidents.”

Leo Munoz, Stanford Lee Wilson & Nick Shiftlet @ Cafe Allegro

This month we are featuring art from three different artists!
Colored pencil drawings by Leo Munoz
Acrylic paintings from the Pieces of Love Series by Stanford Lee Wilson
Oil paintings by Nick Shiflet

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