“Mystic Familiars” @ Gargoyles Statuary

A Gathering of Twelve Local Artists Revealing the World of Animal Friends and Spiritual Guides

Tutelary spirits and animal friends that we work with for guidance in our art and spirituality through the eyes and brushes of 11 northwest artists in their paintings and sculpture. They will offer a glimpse into their world and relationships with animals and creatures that help us and become part of our inner workings.
We will feature art by Laura Zakroff, Heidi Estey, Braden Duncan, Craif Luckenbach, Keith Waters, Jessica Geiger, Kate Stevens, Lis Wright Ivec, Nightmerriement, Jeffrey Shaw, and Madi Dean, & Rebecca (Tracy) Shelton!
Please join us for some amazing art!

HER Again: A Sir Froderick Art Show @ Moksha

H.E.R. Again: artwork by Sir Froderick and music by Specs Wizard and Dil Withers. This is a celebration of HIP HOP culture and specifically the art of CHOPING and SPLICING, MIXING and SAMPLING. 

Sir Froderick, a comic book junkie as well as a beat producer, collages with comics and other scraps to create detailed pieces of art that jump off the wall. 

From the Artist:
“The use of the onomatopoeias from comic books represents a visual recreation of my music as well as a sign of the current sample-culture diaspora, freely incorporating recognizable elements into a improvisational collage format.”

We’ll have original beats by Dil Withers and MC Specs Wizard. We will also have comic clippings so that you can create your own collage.

Carol Waymack @ University Business Center

Impressions of Vietnam
Photos by Carol Waymack

Carol is a mostly self-taught photographer and a retired family physician. Through the sponsorship of Vietnam Health Clinic, Carol has worked in Vietnam in 2014 and 2016, providing free medical care to people in remote villages. Taking travel photographs on all her travels, she shares her physical and spiritual journey on Facebook using her photos and insights. She has come to honor and love the Vietnamese people and culture.

Please join us for an artist’s reception on Friday, August 19th. 

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