Hiroko Seki @ Artist & Craftsman

“The basis for my art starts in getting to know the beauty around me. My subjects emerge from ongoing communications with nature. Art is born amidst conversations with animals, trees, and all things in the natural world. This spirit buds into themes I express in Nihonga and Sumie.” ~ Hiroko Seki


Jesse Link @ Boulevard Grocery

Boulevard Grocery is continuing its coffee bag project, a collaboration between Boulevard Grocery and local artists. Each 1-pound bag sells for $21 with a cut going to the artist, the store, and a charity.

This month’s featured artist is Jesse Link. His style of painting uses aerosols, stencils, textile prints and a bold color palette combined to create beautiful images of animals and a spirit of nature.

Jesse will also be unveiling his series of original painted coffee bags which we fill on the spot with a pound of Seven Coffee Roasters coffee.

We will be having a wine tasting as well as live music again as well as a taco truck! Fusion on the Run will be parked just around the corner!


Colette-Yasi Naraghi @ Cafe Allegro

Our April featured artist is our very own and talented Colette-Yasi Naraghi. We are honored to share her beautiful silver gelatin prints taken from a “Canon AE-1, which has been my constant fellow wonderer for nine years.”

Check them out, they will be up all month!


Blake Lovering @ University Business Center

“I am setting up two different types of work at the University Business Center’s Gallery 4500.  One is based on my nature work, comprised of images including trees, fish, and birds.  Some of these images are surreal with a Dalian twist, some straight. 

“The other type of work I call “Mat Board Collage”.  These pieces are essentially recycled art created from the waste that comes from matting and framing my nature art.  Created with used mat board, foam core board, pastels for color, Elmer’s glue, and used frames from Goodwill painted to match the need of the work. ” ~ Blake Lovering


Ryan Davis, Matt French & Timothy Karpinski @ BC Surf + Sport

BC Surf & Sport presents:

The 3rd Friday Artwalk, with new work from Ryan Davis, Matt French, and Timothy Karpinski!

There will also be a sale during the University District Street Fair the weekend of the 19th & 20th! Don’t miss it!


Katarina Reka Schmidt @ Buffalo Exchange

This month, Buffalo Exchange is featuring the paintings of Katarina Reka Schmidt.


Anita Arora @ Gargoyles Statuary

MORBID ANATOMY ~ The Assemblage Art of Anita Arora

Ephemeral assemblage pieces and art cards~Anita combines Victorian themes with the dark and the bizarre!

“A sociology junkie and fan of the obscure, Anita has always been attracted to the academic yet extremely human nature of scientific studies. In particular, as they relate to the more extreme inner workings of the human mind and body both as they connect to society and in themselves as a dynamic, mysterious machine.”

~ from morbidanatomy.com


Kari Westphal & Marin Curry @ Daisy Sky Studio

“My studio is called Daisy Sky Studio. It is my working studio located at 2008 NE Ravenna Blvd 98105 (across the street from Boulevard Grocery – down the alley).  We’ll have signs out!”  ~ Kari Westphal

Kyler Martz @ Solstice Cafe & Gallery

This month the artist is Kyler Martz, of Seattle. He is showing his own amazing drawings.

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