Nick Shiftlet and Stanford Lee Wilson @ Cafe Allegro

This month we are featuring big colorful acrylic paintings by Nick Shiftlet and Stanford Lee Wilson.


Mark Hussein @ University Business Center

“Faces of Guatemala”

In March of 2013, local photographer Mark Hussein was asked by the Seattle based non-profit organization Avivara (www.avivara.org) to come to Guatemala to photograph the conditions and environment in and around the remote mountain villages where Avivara does educational support work in the local school. The villages where Mark went are ethnically Mayan, but despite the cultural differences, he was touched by the openness of the people, especially the children.

Mark is proud to share the images in this exhibit, Faces of Guatemala, with you and hopes that you will be moved to help Avivara in their efforts to improve the conditions for the children of Guatemala. A portion of the sales of the prints will be donated to Avivara, specifically earmarked for the school in the village of San Jose el Yalu where the majority of the images in this exhibit were captured.

Dan Gardea @ Deep Roots

Hosting the fabulous art of Dan Gardea
Refreshments and h’or deuvres available.


“Splendors of the Woodlands” @ Gargoyles

Please join us to explore the magical and imaginative world of the sylvan landscape through visions of eleven amazing local artists Braden Duncan, Corey Skillman, Eugene Makela, Heidi Estey, Jessica Geiger, Jeff Hughes, Jeffrey Shaw, KellyTurnbull, Laura Tempest Owlkeyme, Lis Wright Ivec, and Thea Maia will take us on this enchanted tour through forest and meadow..


Lena Joy Whittle @ Moksha

“You’re Welcome: An Exploration in Gratitude by Lena Joy Whittle”

Opening reception:
Friday, 18 July

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