“Spirits of Earth & Ether” @ Gargoyles Statuary

Please join us for an evening where the spirits of nature abound through the unique and ethereal sculpture of Keith Waters and realistic wild animal paintings by Jessica Geiger. They meld their styles to create a world where nature deities and earthly creatures coexist in a magical mix. Fancy felines & languid lupines will also be included in the sculptural works!

Delicious treats from Trader Joes will be served! Hope you can make it out!!


“Stencil, Pop, Vinyl” @ Trabant Coffee

Art on records by Dave Ryan (Manticore Art)

This show will run until 30 June! Keep coming back to see new additions!

Dave Ryan was born and bred in the wet dank forests of Washington State. He began stenciling in the spring of 2006 and started to refer to himself as the Manticore. In the summer of 2008 Dave broke his neck while backpacking across the US. He had lost most of his fine motor functions and used stenciling as both a means to regain the use of his hands and as his sole income. The Manticore has since made a full recovery, and his unique blend of silly pop art can be found in coffee shops, watering holes, and at Seattle’s Fremont Sunday Market. The Manticore is available for custom portraits.

Beni Ransom @ Chaco Canyon Cafe

Beni Ransom is a printmaker from Seattle, Washington. His preferred medium is linocut, and his pieces are stark outlines of everyday objects and still life subjects colored with painted ink and fine art markers. The bold colors and balanced simplicity of his works are influenced by painters like Matisse and Jacob Lawrence in addition to the Japanese Ukiyo-e printmakers. In addition to visual art, Ransom has a passion for literature, philosophy and linguistics. He studies French and Latin at the University of Washington.


“Forget Me Not” @ BC Surf + Sport

Open theme group show featuring:

Braden Duncan, Charlie Girl, Chi Luong, Grace Rajendran, Megon Shore, Shelbie Lloyd & Sophie Ibarra


Adream de Valdivia @ Moksha

“Seattle artist Adream de Valdivia began painting for its obvious purpose- to record his dreams, thoughts, and ideas. What he enjoys about paint is that it can be spread thin to create depth and applied thick to create a texture.”

“Communicating is a crucial yet constant struggle for me. The more I painted, I realized that I was returning to my child hood because I was painting Religious icons, the kind of images I grew up seeing on candles and stained glass. My realization of these new paintings made up of bright paint, dots, and patterns on canvas was return to my youth.”

“Particles on the Wall” @ University Business Center

Particles on the Wall is a multidisciplinary exhibit fusing art, science and history to explore the troubling impacts of the nuclear age, with a particular focus on Hanford, the use of nuclear technology, and their bearing on the natural world and its inhabitants. The exhibit addresses both the human and environmental legacy of nuclear technology, including radioactive waste and storage issues, as well as the toll and consequences of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and related bomb production.

Sponsored by the Physician’s for Social Responsibility
Curated by Diane Dickeman and Nancy Dickeman

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