“The Spirit and the Skull” @ Gargoyles

the haunting art of Brian Houghton, Craig Luckenbach, Lisa Noble, and Jon Sproul! Please join us for our “darkest” show of the year as we head towards All Hallows Eve… Spirit paintings, Ravens, Skulls, and other otherworldly creatures will be the focus of this mixed media show. Originals, prints, and more will be available! Strange goodies & refreshments will be served!


Patrick “Duffy” De Armas @ Moksha

Migrating from Arizona to the great Northwest, I found a home in the skate and snowboard industry. The combination of those experiences and influences have shaped my interest in street art, being out late at night, punk rock, hot rods, the fifties, old advertisements, vulgarity, and more. The majority of my work is a mash up of real found imagery and my own variations of my inspirations. The themes that I find myself drawn to mostly are the old, rare, occult, off color, monsters, ghouls, advertisements, underground, lowbrow, custom culture, tattoos, and just the generally weird. I currently reside in Seattle, WA, working full time running the creative firm Electric Coffin CS Co. and creating art in my free time.


179, Joe Vollan, Joseph Brooks & STB @ BC Surf + Sport

There will be free drinks, and Halloween festivities!


“Fat Birds” @ Trabant Coffee

Fat Birds have migrated to Trabant in the U District! Tiny birds, enormous birds, realistic, surrealistic, stylistic birds, in monochrome and technicolour! They have one thing in common: they’re all adorably, deliciously fat!

Featured Artists:
Braden Duncan, Hanna Myers, Fatima Al Khuzaei, John Osgood, Julia Carpenter, Kat Houseman, Laura Tempest Zakroff , Shanna Duncan, Shawn Wood, Travis Talburt, and more!

Curated by:
Braden Duncan

Opening reception:
Friday, 17 October from 6-9pm

Encore receptions:
Friday, 21 November from 6-9pm
Friday, 19 December from 6-9pm

Show will run through 31 December!


Georgetown Atelier @ University Business Center

Come check out the work of Georgetown Atelier students. Georgetown Atelier is an apprenticeship-style school that specializes in traditional drawing and painting. We are show casing pieces created by 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students in the Comprehensive Classical Program throughout the 2013-2014 school year. The work, presented in graphite, charcoal, and oil, embodies the formation of abilities provided by comprehensive classical training and corresponding skills of the21st century: creating a foundation suited for renaissance artists of our era.

2nd Year Students:
Yming Zhou, Trevor Taylor, Sam Keiser, Sarah Green, Rees Mortensen, & Kathryn McDivitt

3rd Year Students:
Hannah Day, Kat Terran, Danika Wright, Miya Sukure, & Emma Fern Curtis

Hannako Lambert @ 7 Market & Cafe

Once Boulevard Grocery, 7 Market & Cafe features local artists every month!

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