“Omens & Portents” by Liv Rainey-Smith @ Gargoyles Statuary

Please join us to welcome Liv Rainey-Smith as she presents her new woodcut prints inspired by Hermetic magic and alchemy. Her technique blends Western and Japanese printmaking techniques for a unique look that that combines fantasy with horror and whimsy. 

Many limited edition framed pieces and other designs from her vast and illustrative body of work will be presented. We are excited to debut her new designs!

 We are so happy to have Liv come all the way up from Portland, OR to show with us!

“Shared Breath – Honoring our Ancestors through Ritual” by the KapwaMana Collective @ Moksha

Shared Breath is a journey through time and memory. 
This exhibit explores the many expressions and pathways we share in celebrating the spirit, waters, and lands of our ancestry.

Opening night:
Thursday, July 16 6PM-10PM

John Hunter @ Cafe Solstice

Illustrative & fantasy paintings

Suzanne Brooker @ University Business Center

July 13th – September 11th
Artist’s Reception July 17th, 6pm – 9pm

My passion for the visual world and the pursuit of images has motivated my work as an artist to create compelling images that sustain the viewer’s gaze. How images evoke memory, create metaphor, capture a relatedness between viewer and artist, awaken an aesthetic response has been an ongoing investigation. This presents an incredible challenge for the contemporary painter — between the wealth of art history and the flood of electronic media, to find the unique vision within the artist’s perception. 
I work primarily from observation, often using my own photographs, as well as newspaper images and works of other artists, historical and contemporary, as source material for figurative works. A series of paintings usually evolves from a metaphoric theme, a human gesture, or a dialogue created between abstraction (flat surface) and representation (illusion of form).
  One of my goals as an artist has been to combine Old Master approaches to paint palettes and techniques combined with modern notions of the paint surface. This has lead me to explore a rich variety of paint layers involving the transparency of paint over fields of toned grounds in contrast to more direct, gestural “traces” left by a painted stroke. The calligraphy of the brush mark, whether scumbled, dabbed, blended or loosely drawn through the paint becomes the means for developing a richer surface. 

Viewing hours:
Monday through Friday 9am – 9pm
Saturdays 9am – 1pm

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