“Corvids & Kittens” @ Gargoyles Statuary

Braden Duncan is a portrait artist by trade, imperfect by choice, and a cog in the machine of human mythology by default. She draws her inspiration from the peculiar minutiae of the human form, symbolism and mythology, the empty spaces left by missing friends, and the intricate elegance created by the convergence of biological and mechanical elements.

Come hang out with Braden, her mechanical black birds, and her tiny dapper black kitten!

The show runs thru February 14th!


Jessica Weathersby @ Chaco Canyon

For the January art walk we have a show entitled “Of Scylla and Charybdis” by Jessica Weathersby.


Roger Sharp @ Herkimer Coffee

Herkimer Coffee at has great art on display and  is a very comfortable place with good lighting to view art.
For the months of January and February 2014, artist Roger Sharp is  exhibiting a series of oils on canvas called Fields of Earth. They  are abstracts derived from satellite map images. Mr. Sharp uses a unique  technique to stress the paint while it’s wet to get an unusual mix of colors. 


“Selected Works” @ University Business Center

Selected works by Abbie Birmingham, Monique Catino and Lindsay Palomino

Artist: Abbie Birmingham
Abbie Birmingham is a print artist who incorporates a variety of printmaking techniques in her work, often combining etching, screen print, collograph and shellac plates. She’s inspired by organic forms from nature and by the built environment, and the kinetic nature of each. With a background in architecture and urban planning, she embraces urban structures and patterns and their confluence with the natural world as well as our collective human connectivity and sense of place.

Artist: Monique Catino
Monique loves to work in various mediums and will be showing works in graphite, watercolor, and photography. The watercolors are botanical illustrations and highlight the complexity and beauty of nature. The graphite pieces explore the curiosity of children and the photographs show everyday objects from unusual vantage points, thereby abstracting them and focusing on texture, color, and the play of light and shadow.

Artist: Lindsay Palomino
In high school, Lindsay was convinced she was headed for a career as a graphic designer. After a brief 25-year detour in the nursing profession, she is reliving her teen dreams. The art of design is everywhere and timeless – even an old postal truck, beat up and re-purposed, still has a charm and character that are undeniable. Lindsay is drawn to the graphic quality of our man-made surroundings and seeks to amplify their inherent style with color and playfulness.

“Forces in Light” @ Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks presents:

The drawings of J. Brivic

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