Carlos Aguilar @ BC Surf + Sport

BC Surf + Sport presents:

LIVE PAINTING by Carlos Aguilar!

Artist reception: 5-9pm!


Mackenzie FYL & Krisna Schumann @ Solstice Cafe

“We are pleased to invite you to Solstice Cafe for a coupled exhibition of new works by Mackenzie FYL and Krisna Schumann. Please join us on Friday August 17, from 6-9 p.m., for the reception and to meet the artists. 

In this pairing of recent UW Painting & Drawing BFA graduates, the work represents two diverging paths of space in the painted image. They meet in the middle through the artists’ sense of playfulness concerning nature, color, and the intimate sizes of the paintings and drawings.

Mackenzie questions the way we see landscape and figure through her punchy and saturated color palette. Her work was shown in the Jacob Lawrence Gallery and at the Sandpoint Gallery (both in Seattle) this past spring to exhibit her Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis.

Krisna imagines a world built from her own science-fiction, in which plants are slowly moving toward a state of awareness. Her painting thesis focused on playgrounds. This new direction seemed inevitable. She is also participating in a group exhibition called X Print Exchange at Pike Street Press this August. ”

Phil Keane @ Boulevard Grocery

Boulevard Grocery is continuing its coffee bag project, a collaboration between Boulevard Grocery and local artists. Each 1-pound bag sells for $21 with a cut going to the artist, the store, and a charity.

We will be having live music performed by the 75th St. Jazz Quartet and Skooders hot dog cart serving up hot dogs!

Jaynie Healy @ Cafe Allegro

Cafe Allegro presents:

Photography and Coffee Art by Jaynie Healy

Vince Samudovsky @ Tully’s Coffee

Tully’s Coffee presents:

Acrylic on canvas, a series based on laundromats by Vince Samudovsky.


“Myth & Magic” @ Gargoyles

Please join us this Friday, August 17th, 6-9pm to celebrate three amazing artists all in different mediums.

Presenting the magical sculpture & paintings of Rebecca Sweeney Schumacher.

We will also be featuring watercolorist Autumn Keagley who will be offering “Fairy Portraits” during the show, and Misha Hunting will be presenting her new and fascinating tarot deck the”Americana Obscura” and will be doing tarot readings all evening!

Wine & cheese and other goodies will be served. 🙂 Please join us!!!


Joe Mentele @ Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee presents Joe Mentele!

Medium: photography

Description: HDR photography of landscapes taken in England & Ireland.


“Tenant Show” @ University Business Center

Artist: Group show by tenants of The University Business Center

Description: Oils, watercolors, acrylics, cut paper, pottery work, encaustic, quilting, photography and more.

Our business center has a dedicated space for art: Gallery 4500. We’ve had tremendously talented artists here sharing their work, and now we have a group show featuring our own talented people.

Artists Reception 6pm to 9pm. Refreshments.
Find us on the third floor of the Sundance Metro Cinema building.

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