“Medieval Musings” by Lis Wright Ivec @ Gargoyles Statuary

Original paintings, pastels, tapestries, prints, custom votives, and more~all in Lis’s classic style with a medieval & gothic twist!!!
Please join us to celebrate Lis’s new work and learn more about her unique techniques!!!
Kate Dougherty @ University Business Center


Website: www.katedoughertyart.com

“I am a 2D artist working in various mediums, as a printmaker, a painter of watercolors and oils as well as in the encaustic mediums. I find different mediums lend themselves to different subject matter. My work often reflects my interest in architecture and the environment, developing a relationship between structure, nature and culture as a universal landscape. I strive to work with imagery that is somewhat familiar but is not clearly defined. Creativity is a process and my work evolves on its own terms letting the spirit of each medium unfold with the end results hovering between representation and abstraction.”

Categories: UncategorizedPublished On: September 16, 2016