Heidi Estey @ Gargoyles

Gargoyles is pleased to present:

“Mysterious Lives: The Art of Heidi Estey”

Please join us for an enchanting evening starring beautiful ladies from the past, mythical beasts, and lots of Heidi’s fabulous kitties!!! She will have original paintings, jewelry, prints, cards, patches and buttons… Perfect for early holiday shopping. 🙂

Wine, cheese and other goodies will be served!


Hannah Wolff Ames @ Trabant Coffee & Chai

“Dangerious Beauties”

Paintings & photography using mixed media and various techniques create gently mysterious works of art.

The work of Seattle artist Hannah Ames celebrates the the duality of women. Seeking to visually render the strength in effeminacy; her art evokes a transcendental yet tangible feeling for the viewer. Hannah is fascinated by the portrayal of women in art throughout time, which is reflected in her own work.

She is inspired by the artists of the surrealism and art noveau movements and their ability to reveal what is underneath flexible surfaces. Hannah weaves together her dualistic “dangerous beauties” by contrasting subtle, warm hues with bursts of cool and pronounced color.

Trabant will be offering one dollar off all beer during the art walk!

Judy Williamson @ Chaco Canyon

Judy Williamson, a graduate of the University of Washington Arts School. She uses acrylic on canvas, and her work will be on display through January.


Jeff Farnam @ Boulevard Grocery

Local artist Jeff Farnam (Jeff MF) brings his particularly charming brand of folk art to Ravenna’s indie coffee shop Boulevard Grocery. Over two dozen colorful new pieces on wood and found objects.

Boulevard Grocery is continuing its coffee bag project, a collaboration between Boulevard Grocery and local artists. Each 1-pound bag sells for $21 with a cut going to the artist, the store, and a charity.


Jarrod @ University Business Center

Jarrod is a self-taught painter who has an enormous love of life and an enthusiasm for sharing his interpretation of the beauty of our world. He works in bright acrylic paints giving his work a liveliness and joyfulness that is infectious.

Mimi Sturman @ Cafe Allegro

The bright paintings of Mimi Sturman!

“Painting has always been a compelling force in my life. I started out working in watercolor. Because I spent many years working in this medium, I eventually gained control of this improvisational paint – so much so that my work in watercolor was mistaken for other mediums such as oil and acrylic.

For the last several years I have worked in oils. I am very interested in texture and movement. This requires many layers of paint and has the effect of dimension or a kinesthetic quality. People often think my work is textile or mosaic. I think this makes for an exciting viewing experience, a sense of surprise.”

We will also be having live music upstairs from 7-10pm featuring BEEDA!

Don Paggeot Jr @ Starbucks Coffee

Medium: Acrylic on masonite panel and plexiglass

As a practicing artist for the past twenty years, I have tried to maintain a level of consistency in technique, which is photo-realism. The subject matter ranges from religious and cultural icon symbolism to space art. All these paintings are rendered utilizing both an airbrush and mixed media technique to create a specific desired affect.

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