Jeffrey Shaw @ Gargoyles

“Denizens of Mythology”

Showing original works inspired by mythology from around the globe ~ depicted in digital paintings and sculpture.

Character art blending digital and traditional media. Fine giclee prints on canvas and metal. Wine, cheese, chocolate and more…
Please join us!!!


Tom Whipple @ Tully’s

Born a true “Northwest Boy” has spent his life in, around and loving the Pacific Northwest with all that it brings. Possessing the ability to see beyond the main subject finds the end product transcending beyond the intial scene. At times his compositions are assembled from many different images finding rich, moody simple yet complex designs. Looking deeply into a simple scene, one finds that there is an intricately thought out design, hints of a visual story. Concept and composition has been a driving force in his work.

Aba Dialo @ Starbucks

Acrylic paintings  depicting ordinary life in Africa.

From colours bright and filling space energetically unique to his artistic inception, Aba’s painting style evolved to utilize acrylic paint on canvas, and African textile collage, a technique of sewing canvas together to make “patch-work paintings”, portraying a storytelling depiction of his native peoples working at various daily tasks.


Dominique Cilento @ Aprie

Paintings & collage depicting vintage imagery~in an ephemeral fashion.

Dominique Cilento is a local Seattle artist specializing in functional fine art collage. Each piece is hand-painted and built up with vintage playing cards, letters, book pages, recipes, music and other ephemera. Select designs are further embellished with imprints of leaves and found items. The resulting works are hauntingly-organic, beautiful in form, and usable in function.


Sarah Ghanooni @ Chaco Canyon

From an early age I would look through the art books, and be captivated by the colors and movement within the pictures. Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso were artists who inspired me and influenced my impressionistic style.

I come from a diverse background of Mexican and Middle Eastern heritage, and that is part of the reason my art and style has so much variety.

I have always been drawn to bold colors and bright lights, which is evident within my work. I use very broad brushstrokes and try not to get caught up in all the little details. Through the brushstrokes of paint I can express what I cannot always say.

Shauna Kruse @ University Business Center

Shauna has been viewing the world “through the lens” since she received her first camera from her mom at age 8.  She loves capturing the beauty around her, and never alters her landscape photos in any way.  What you see is what she saw through the lens. This means you are receiving the raw, natural beauty of the photo rather than altered beauty.  The photos you see in this show have been taken all over the United states, but they focus mostly on our very own beautiful Northwest.
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