“Echi CANREVALE @ Gargoyles

Please join us for an exciting glimpse into the mystical and glamorous “Carnevale” ~a celebration of the Venetian Mardi Gras through the photographic eyes of Daniel McManus . Please feel free to dress up and enjoy the colorful fantasy of the evening with us!

“Group Show” @ University Business Center

Mary Denend, Encaustic artist. Mary’s art is unique. She works in encaustic, using her photographs as the base. She is well travelled and the work is marvelous.  You’ll find her landscapes and her African animals fascinating to the eye.

Tatyana Brown, Printmaker. Tatyana is Russian born and raised. Her engravings and lithographs are lovely. Her work is delicate in both form and color, and quite sensual. Some of her earlier whimsical pieces are on display, too.

Theresa Neinas, Printmaker. Theresa is a Seattle treasure. She contributes to the art community here in many ways. This show is of her lino block prints. She is smart and funny and clever and those qualities come through in her prints. Don’t miss “Bigfoot Winters in Mexico” and “You’re on the Right Track Baby, but You’re Going the Wrong Way.”
Sofia Ibarra @ Moksha

I’m a self – taught artist born in California, raised in México City and currently living in Seattle.I like to think my love for the uniqueness of each city gives my art a new perspective….And believe in expressing emotion through colors and shapes, until I get a composition.Greatly inspired by traditional native art in multiple countries, botanical and natural science illustration, my art looks at exchange relations between human and supernatural beings (mostly encountered in nature) depicted by geometric patterns of color and graphic representations of natural elements.  I am obsessed with the non physical relationship between nature and the human element, constantly struggling to accurately capture the sense and emotion this faint bond produces in me.The objective of the pieces is to bring an audience a sense of the feeling that emerges when social, cultural, environmental and aesthetic values coincide.”

Homeless in Seattle @ Cafe Allegro

We have a pretty incredible installation from Homeless In Seattle featuring the many faces of homelessness in our community entitled “Just Say Hello.” If you have a chance you should come down and check it out, it’s really powerful. There will be an event on the 30th at 6:30pm with storytelling and celebrating the many faces of homelessness in our community.
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