“Girls of Colors” @ Gargoyles Statuary

The paintings of Ronny Vardy

Known for her dark and sexy fairies, Ronny has moved in a new direction with her most recent collection of works, depicting a closer look into the fairies and women of her past work, making them seem more tangible and real. This show will feature both her portraits in oil and her better know watercolor faeries. She will offer cards and prints as well as original paintings.


Mark LaFalce @ University Business Center

“The energy of urban environments inspires me. Umbrella blues, stoplight reds, rainy evening purples and taxicab yellow fill my palette. I like to observe the connection between nature and man in the context of life in the city. I work to capture the tension between organic and inorganic elements through the juxtaposition of light and color.   My goal is to show parts of the landscape that are hidden, obscured from our focus, revealing light and beauty in places where one wouldn’t think possible.”

Venue open for ArtWalk, however no Artist’s Reception.

Julia Foese @ Boulevard Grocery

The art of Julia Froese!

Boulevard Grocery is continuing its coffee bag project, a collaboration between Boulevard Grocery and local artists. Each 1-pound bag sells for $21 with a cut going to the artist, the store, and a charity.


“Cuuuuute!” @ BC Surf + Sport

A collection of pretty pictures by your friend, Solace!


Corey Skillman @ Starbucks Coffee

Seattle based artist Corey Skillman will be unveiling a new body of paintings at the University District Starbucks on Friday, August 16th. Corey is best known for her dynamic wire animal sculptures and intaglio prints. This time however, she has turned her hand to painting these fuzzy friends instead. Their angry little faces set against bright and colorful backgrounds makes for a humorous juxtaposition and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Emily Pitre @ Lucid Gallery

Lucid Gallery presents:
“Campus Walker”

Emile Pitre’s breathtaking images have been a hidden treasure, and this exhibit debuts his work within the public sector. His brilliant photography captures the small moments and splendors that can be easily missed rushing through the UW Seattle campus from day to day. This collection reflects glimpses of spring renewal through delicacy of nature and beauty and the appreciation for the details in life. His work includes a wide spectrum of photos from the contrast of colors and textures in nature, to flowers bathing in what is left of the morning dew, to birds in flight. The work he does inspires us to stop for a moment and take a moment to enjoy life and the beauty that surrounds us.

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