“From the Shadows & Mechanical Aviary” @ Gargoyles

Please join us for an amazing night of artwork featuring new works by Jeff Shaw ~showing portraits & illustrations of creatures and entities inspired by the macabre and eerie side of literature.

Also featuring art of Braden Duncan~ beautiful and ethereal images of birds which depict a convergence of biological and mechanical elements in an intricate fashion.
Both will have originals, prints, and art cards available.


Nguyen Ly Phuong Ngoc “Sophie” @ Starbucks Coffee

Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City to poet parents, Nguyen Ly Phuong Ngoc (“Sophie”) has long encountered life with a certain element of creativity. 

Ngoc studied oil painting for five years at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts University, taking numerous sojourns to the far reaches of Vietnam and living alongside farmers, opera troupes and other eclectic characters, recording their stories with the stroke of her brush. 

After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2009, Ngoc undertook a year of studying traditional Chinese painting in Beijing before returning home to Vietnam to undertake her first solo exhibition, “Portraits of Dreaming,” at the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association. 

She is a co-author of Thủng thẳng với Thơ (Walking Leisurely with Poems, Hanoi: Van Hoc Publishing House, 2011), and her art is also published on the covers of and inside Nguyen Nguyen Bay Tho (Poems of Nguyen Nguyen Bay, Hanoi: Van Hoc Publishing House, 2010), Ca Binh Minh (Sunrise Song, Hanoi, Van Hoc Publishing House, 2011), and Volume 36 of Wittenberg University’s East Asian Studies Journal. 

Currently based in Seattle, Ngoc’s most recent showing venues for 2012 include University House-Wallingford, The Gardens-Bellevue, Avanti Art & Design, Local Art Cafe in Pike Place, the Seattle Design Center, Boom Noodle restaurant in Capitol Hill, the University of Washington East Asia Library, and the Overlake Hospital Conference Center.

Artist Statement:

My specialty is oil painting, though I do occasionally dabble in gouache and water color…if only just the basic techniques.

I am influenced by the impressionist school, that which owes itself to motion and color. My father used to tell me I was playing with colors. Maybe he was right. I have grown to enjoy life through a colorful prism, and sense it through my own aesthetic perceptions.

Luck has graced me with the opportunity to visit many places and meet many people – the good, the bad, the rich and the poor – staying with them, sharing life with them. Perhaps I will only meet some of them once in my lifetime. Of the paintings that come out of these encounters, a few I finish on the spot; a few must wait until I return to the studio with just enough remaining visual memory to complete.

Art is extremely unlimited, but human ability is limited. Definitely there are some mistakes in my works, and inevitably so.

Judy Williamson @ Chaco Canyon Cafe

Judy Williamson, a graduate of the University of Washington Arts School. She uses acrylic on canvas, and her work will be on display through January.


“One Year Anniversary Art Show” @ BC Surf + Sport

BC Surf is celebrating their one year anniversary in Seattle!

Friday, 15 March from 5-9pm


Kari Westphal @ Herkimer

Kari Westphal creates original paintings using encaustic (wax, resin & pigments) and acrylic paints.

Daisy Sky Studio is still closed for the cold winter months, but Kari is having a show of new encaustic paintings at Herkimer on the Ave this month!


Jacob Newbom & Thaddeus Litwiller @ Trabant Coffee & Chai

“Monsters and Absurdities” A collaboration of drawings.

Jacob’s pen and ink prints were inspired by his love for video games, science fiction books, metal music, and “loads of daydreams”. Thaddeus is a fan of comic-book art- his digital drawings, done with an Artrage3 Wacom stylus, are particularly inspired by the works of Jack Kirby and Sergio Aragones. “Thematically, our show explores ‘the monster’ in our scientifically accelerated, yet desperately expressive contemporary culture.”


Nancy Cary @ Artist & Craftsman

“I have 3 pieces ready for hanging in the Artist & Craftsman Supply.  They are oil on canvas, and done with the painting knife .

The three paintings are from my Mother & Child series, and meaning and/or intent of the artwork is for the viewers’ interpretation.”

Miriam Schorr & Gordon Harkinson @ Cafe Allegro

“Hands & Fate” mixed-media artwork by Miriam Schorr & Gordon Harkinson

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