“Arcendum Malum” @ Gargoyles Statuary

Please join us in welcoming monster keepers and creators M.R Hopkins and Malizabeth from Portland, OR and their protective creatures the Nightmerriment Nyxidium!!!

“Arcendum Malum – to ward off evil. Much like gargoyles and witch’s familiars, Nightmerriment Nyxidium are protective creatures. They are skilled in the arts of warding off malicious spirits, demons, and creatures of any kind that may induce harm. Each Nyxidiae chooses a particular path of esoteric knowledge on which to focus. Be it divinations, rituals, natural ephemera, or alchemy, the Nyxidium are meticulous in their scholarship of protective practices. Once befriended by a human companion, they are tenacious guardians of their keepers.”
We will be presenting an amazing collection of these cryptic creatures and learn more about their cunning and clever ways!!!

Show runs thru August 16th!!!

Mark Tyler @ University Business Center

Computer generated artwork
July 15 – August 12

Mark is self taught in creating artwork on the computer. His work at Boeing drawing blueprints for facilities greatly influenced his style. He is an accomplished jazz improvisation musician whose passion for astronomy and the science-fiction genre show in this body of work. 

No Artist’s Reception

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