“Carnevale in Venice” by Daniel McManus @ Gargoyles Statuary

Please join us for a look into the Venetian Carnevale through the expert lens of Daniel McManus. Danny’s beautiful and mysterious photos record this amazing event that marks the beginning of Lent ~so its extravagance is luscious & opulent!!!

Custom framed photographs, prints, and special accoutrement by Lady Lygeia will also be shown! Wine, cheese, and other goodies too!!!

Group Show: Pet Portraiture @ University Business Center

Leigh Gardner, Ann Hagler & Kelly Lyles

Each of these women, in their own style, bring to life the unique personality of various pets; dogs, cats, crows and more. Ann and Kelly work their magic in acrylics, while Leigh works in a photography/encaustic medium. 

Show runs January 11th – March 11th.

“Machines & Abstractions” @ Moksha

Come check out all new art work by YA$$A and MAHROO at Moksha 1.15.16 at 7-10pm. Enjoy snacks, drinks, music, and ART!

“We are veilians! Our first joint art showing in Seattle! 

Mahroo is a Persian-American artist who integrates her Middle Eastern influences into her paintings along with Universal perspective. 

YA$$A is a traveling Syrian-Armenian artist currently based in Seattle known for her pop art illustrations.”

Madeline Galbraith @ Cafe Solstice

“The title of my show is “Screen Play:  Movement, Expression & Dialogue of Creatures & Utopian Environs,”  which are 72 printed and framed images drawn on a phone using various apps.  Different techniques and tools were used to create optical illusions and special effects.”

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