“A Collection of Dark Beasties” @ Gargoyles

Black Cats, Ravens, & Bats ~

Featuring the art of over a dozen local artists including  Braden Duncan, Camilla White, Craig Luchenbach, Heidi Estey, J. Kovach, Jeff Hughes, Jeff Shaw, Jessica Geiger, Lis Wright Ivec, Liv Rainey Smith, Mike Mullins, Rose Slaton, Sam Hamrick, and Thea Maia! Also the live ambient music by Celadon! We will also be celebrating our 18th Annual Black Valentines Cremation Sale! Please join us to honor some of our favourite things!


Kathy Kimball @ University Business Center

Kathy’s paintings demonstrate the tension and balance between perception and reality. “ A painting is a two-dimensional object, but changes in color and shadow may imply something in existence behind an object. Color and form are all around us in everyday life in a playful juxtaposition and I use both in exploring perceptions.   As I try to create forms in perfect balance I also push against it by wanting to break into the shape and disrupt the line. Finding the balance between structure and the choice for spontaneous play is an ongoing challenge.”


George Chan @ Trabant Coffee

Paintings by local Seattle Artist George Chan

George’s paintings go beyond the physical likeness of the individual(s). These paintings not only capture the essence of the person’s personality on canvas but also evoke a sense of nostalgia.  
“My paintings are very personal to me – they are my memories, my emotions; they represent my moments in time.”

Shawn Miller @ Boulevard Grocery

“Born and raised in the northwest, I feel blessed to be surrounded by our mountains and Puget Sound. We have unlimited opportunities to explore the great outdoors and all this region has to offer. By capturing a snapshot in time with my photographs, I keep the memories of my family and friends around for a long time. As I look back at my photos they instantly take me back to great times in my life. I hope you enjoy them.”

Miriam Schorr & Gordon Harkinson @ Cafe Allegro

Cafe Allegro presents: “Hands & Fate” mixed-media artwork by Miriam Schorr & Gordon Harkinson


“100 Art Show” @ BC Surf + Sport

Over 100 Seattle artists and enthusiasts coming to together for a massive showing of original artworks on 5″ x 8″ cards. All pieces are priced at $10.

There will be free beverages provided by Bigtime Brewery.  Big baby Daner will be bartending, oh and it’s his Birthday.  Also Poler will be raffling off some excellent gear.


“Sweetest Hangover” @ Moksha

Friday – Feb 15th, 2013
Opening Reception 7-11pm

A delectable array of treats will be available to arouse and intoxicate your senses.

Visual Arts:
Chelsea Wong, Stephanie Cooley, Izzie Klingels, Sohaila Adela, Gina Brahy, Mary Long Santiago, Lindy Kanand, Romiette Lindsley (Hello Again Monsters), Tennessee Rose (Cap Lori)

Gidgette Bardot vintage pop-up shop. DJ Melenie, Spun Cotton Candy, Trophy Cupcakes, Free Giveaways All Night Long

Kari Westphal @ Daisy Sky Studio

Daisy Sky Studio is closed in January, but Kari is having a show of new encaustic paintings at the University Village Starbucks from January 14th through February 15th.

Don Davis @ Starbucks Coffee

So it’s a perfectly lovely day, hiking through the woods and all, and suddenly you come upon some guy hunched over a little tiny plant, absolutely fascinated by something that nobody else seems to be seeing just at the moment.

Is he weirdly obsessive? Is he nuts? Is he a danger to others?

The odds are pretty good that it’s none of the above.

Instead, you may well have come across photographer Don Davis, doing what he loves to do: seeing the little things the rest of us never quite notice, and making them a part of your world in a way you never expected.

Don’s path to photography didn’t come through art school. Instead, it’s reported that he learned many of the basics of the craft as a caterer: “It’s true”, he replies. “All the time I spent setting up buffet and other food displays did help me figure out how to compose a frame, how to tell a story within that space – and how to present a set of completely contrasting scenes as a complete whole.”

Don’s “office” is normally found in Washington State’s Cascade Mountains, but the collection also features “Industrial” images and other “target of opportunity” photographs that pass in front of his lens as he goes about his business in the “real” world.

I try to have a camera handy all the time, and many of my best shots are entirely serendipitous; if not for the fact that the camera was right there I’d have never grabbed them at all.”

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