“Mythos & Monsters” @ Gargoyles Statuary

Please join us for a mythic night of Cthonic adventure and exploration with all new original woodblock prints by Liv Rainey-Smith~featuring new work from The Starry Wisdom Library Anthology upcoming from P.S. Publishing. There will be both framed and unframed block prints along with magnets and other subterranean goodies! Images of powerful ancient evocations & horrors guaranteed to invoke artistic madness!

Wine, cheese, and refreshments will be served!!!


Alex Achaval @ Moksha

We are proud to feature Alex Achaval in The Geddis Gallery for the Month of August. His surrealist paintings are vibrant and entrancing.

“I work solely on painting. By applying abstraction and surrealism, I touch various overlapping themes and strategies. By choosing mainly relatable solutions, I try to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on subjective associations and formal parallels, which incite the viewer to make new personal associations. I believe that is what art is all about. Your own associations. I simply love to paint and create something that will live forever, and that something is usually pretty bizarre.”

Opening starts at 6pm Friday August 15th and as usual we will serve drinks, music and good times. Alex will be in the gallery to discuss his technique, inspiration and creative process. See you then!

Circle of Friends @ Chaco Canyon Cafe

We’re partnering with Circle of Friends for Mental Health, each of the pieces were created by someone experiencing mental illness or who has a developmental disorder. They are hosting the show from 7-8pm this evening, though of course it’s on display all day through the end of the month.


“Batman!” @ BC Surf & Sport

Check out our Batman art show on the 15th of August. There will be over 20 artists participating. Expect some surprises! Raffling gear off from Stance and Coalatree Organics. Get here early for frosty beverages!

Featured artists:
Braden Duncan, Cash, Danny Hernandez, Eli Wolff, Jeremy Deanda, Noah Pologies, Rhodora Jacob, Scott Moore, Shanna Duncan, and more!


D.Lisa West @ University Business Center

“Bucket List”

I’ve often been drawn to beauty in the visual world. I used to take photos wherever I went and can still “see” the photos I didn’t get when the sun hit that spot of water just so… My art now examines a moment in time in oil paint, a still life, a collection of objects looked at carefully, painted with drama and mystery. I want the viewer to say, “That is compelling to look at.”

D.Lisa’s taken the idea of the “bucket list” to a new level with her current body of work. Some of the paintings have a bit of what was underneath showing through. If not, the energy of the piece is still impacted by the fact there is a painting over a painting, or an image over painted words and numbers. A can, a bucket, a plastic container or a plastic bag often finds a way into the painting. One is drawn to the beauty in everyday items.

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